Trendala helps retailers capture and analyze customer opinion on products and services.

Easily gather feedback and turn it into actionable insights to improve business metrics.

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Intuitive Interface

  • Customers see one survey item at a time to get a focused response. Items can be questions, products, or short videos.
  • Customers express their thought by swiping right for positive or left for negative opinion.
  • Customers are engaged with this interactive experience and compared the survey quicker than traditional surveys.

Embed Call to Action

  • Survey item can contain extra details such as product photo and price along with an option to purchase it.
  • Viewing extra information about a survey item can be used as an indicator to sense interest.
  • Survey items can have a countdown timer keeps the customer focused on completing the survey.

Personalized Survey

  • Survey items assortment is customized for each individual to increase relevance and ensure informed response by the customer.
  • Send customers recommended products and services based on their responses.
  • Answering positively on a survey item that is a product will save the item to a private wishlist for viewing later.

Customizable Experience

  • Surveys are anonymous by default to encourage honest answers and customers can optionally provide information about themselves.
  • Optimal set of survey items are chosen for each customer to maximize completion rate.
  • Customers can tailor their set of questions by selecting from a list of available categoies.

Easy to Digest Results

  • Responses are analyzed by the system to provide a visual representation of the data.
  • Results are broken down into actionable insights that are easy to understand.
  • Survey results updates in real time to allow for a live pulse of the survey responses.

Quantify your customers' advice to level up your company.

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